Frequently Asked Questions

How much are season badges?

Adult Badge (ages 17-64) = $90.00, Senior Badge (ages 65 or older) = $35.00, Junior Badges (ages 12-16) = $45.00
Proof of age is required for Junior and Senior badges. Handicap badges are ½ price.

How do I buy a season badge?

Season badges are available for purchase online through Community Pass by clicking here and will be available for pickup when you arrive at the beach.  You may also purchase your badge in person at the Main Beach office

Can I purchase a daily badge?

Daily, weekday, over 12$12
Daily weekend, over 12$12
Weekly badge over 12$50

Yes. Daily badges are available for sale for anyone 12 and older. Daily badges can be purchased upon your arrival to the beach at one of our 7 sales locations (Sea Watch, Riddle Way, Main Beach, Brielle Rd, Pompano, Whiting and Inlet).  Weekly badges can be purchased at the beach office and are valid from Saturday through Friday.

What time are the badge checkers there?

Badge checkers are on duty from 9am-4pm. Beach badges will be required on weekends beginning on Saturday, May 25th. Badges will be required daily beginning Saturday, June 15th through Monday, September 2nd.

Why do I have to pay to get on the beach?

The charges for access to the beach are made for the purpose of providing revenue to improve, maintain and police the dedicated beachfront; for providing bathing beaches, lifeguards, boats, ropes and other facilities, safeguards and equipment for public bathing and recreation; to provide for all equipment for the protection and safety of bathers using the beachfront; and to provide funds to protect the dedicated beachfront from erosion, encroachment and damage by the sea or otherwise.

Is there a military discount?

Active US Military personnel and their immediate family members are admitted to all our beaches free of charge (ID required). Veterans(not including family members) are admitted free as well with proper identification.

Do you replace lost or stolen badges?

No, the Manasquan Beach Department is not responsible for lost or stolen badges.

What time are lifeguards on duty?

Lifeguards are on duty from 9am-5:30pm on all 17 beaches. Lifeguards will be on duty beginning on weekends starting on May 25th from 9am to 5:30pm and each weekend that follows until the beach officially opens for daily operation on Saturday, June 15th.

Lifeguard Flag System:

Green Flags= Safe, Yellow Flags= Use Caution, and Red Flags-=Water entry prohibited.
Blue Flags= areas for floatables/ rafts, White Flags= swimming area only

Where are the surfing beaches located?

Inlet Beach to Whiting II Beach at the discretion of the lifeguards.

Where are the bathrooms located?

There are four bathrooms along our beach front. They are located at Elk’s Beach, Main Beach, Brielle Road Beach and Inlet Beach. Bathrooms are open from 9am to 5:30pm during the beach season.

Are there showers at the beach?

Yes, there are showers along the beach. They are located at Sea Watch, Riddle, Main, Brielle, Pompano, Whiting, and the Inlet Beach.

Are handicap beach wheelchairs available?

Yes. Handicap beach wheelchairs are available on a first come first serve basis at Elk’s beach and must remain on Elk’s beach.

Are there restrictions on the type of umbrella and/or tent can I use on the beach?

Yes.  No person shall erect, maintain, use or occupy on or in any beach or bathing area any umbrella, tent, canopy, shelter or structure of any kind with the exception of the following:

  • Umbrellas with one central stanchion to support shade whether upright or at a ninety-degree position that is a collapsible circular shade no greater than eight feet in diameter or radiating from its center pole greater than seven feet six inches in height and does not contain grounding lines, ropes or sides.
  • Devices designed or used to shade infants and small children, also known as "baby tents," no larger than 40 inches high by 40 inches wide by 40 inches deep.

Umbrellas and baby tents anchoring lines, tethers, or the like shall not extend beyond the perimeter of the umbrella or baby tent.

No person shall locate an umbrella or baby tent in an area obscuring a lifeguard's view of the ocean or in an area impeding a lifeguard's egress from a lifeguard stand, as determined by a lifeguard.

All other umbrellas, tents, canopies or structures are strictly prohibited except when a Use of Borough Property application has been filed with the Clerk of the Borough of Manasquan and approved by the Mayor and Council.

Is food allowed on the beach?

Yes, food is allowed on the beach, however, alcohol is not permitted. Glass is also not permitted on Manasquan Beach.

Where is the parking by the beach?

Manasquan Beach offers free on-street parking. There are also five municipal lots that require a fee or a seasonal parking pass. The lots are located at 2nd Avenue and Stockton Avenue, 3rd Avenue and Main Street (next to Star of the Sea Chapel), 4th Avenue and Main Street and 3rd Avenue and Pompano Avenue.  These lots are available for parking to season pass holders as well as to daily parking pass holders.  The Sea Watch parking lot is available to season parking pass holders only and there is no overnight parking from 12am-7am at the Sea Watch parking lot.

Daily Parking Fees:
Monday- Thursday: $15.00 plus applicable mobile app surcharges
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday’s: $20.00 plus applicable mobile app surcharges

Where are there bicycle racks?

They are 5 bike racks located at Manasquan Inlet, Whiting Avenue, Brielle Road, Main Beach, Riddle Way Beach, and Elks Beach.

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Dogs are permitted on the beach from October 1st- April 15th, under the control of a leash. Dogs are not allowed on the boardwalk.

Is smoking permitted on Manasquan Beaches?

No.  No person, at any time, shall smoke a cigarette, cigar, electronic smoking device or other tobacco or cannabis product, or utilize any smoking related paraphernalia on any beach, in the beachfront areas, on the beach walk or any access ramp that leads to the beach walk.

Can I leave my garbage on the beach to be cleaned up?

No. No person shall throw any bottles, cans, paper or other refuse upon the dedicated beachfront, and all such refuse shall be placed in containers provided therefor.  Please remember, “Leave only your footprints”

Can I play ball on the beach?

No.  No person or persons shall play baseball or engage in any kind of ball playing, nor shall any person or persons engage in any game or exercise which involves the throwing or projecting of any object in the area between the monumented beachfront line and the western toe of the sand dunes, which area includes the public walk on the dedicated beachfront, except in areas and periods of time designated for this purpose.

For more information regarding rules and regulations of the Manasquan Beach please click here for a list of our ordinances.