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The Borough is committed to improving our municipal infrastructure and the quality of life for our residents in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

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Prohibited Sanitary Sewer Connections:

The Borough will be conducting a thorough inflow and infiltration analysis of the sanitary sewer system in conjunction with our Municipal Utility Asset Management Plan during calendar year 2019. This will include detailed metering and camera inspection throughout town in order to identify unintended or unauthorized discharges into the sanitary sewer and recommend corrective actions.  Residents are reminded that as per Borough Ordinance No. 1713-9622, “No cellar drains, area drains, roof leaders, sump pumps or down spouts shall be connected to the sewer system.”  In order to avoid penalties resulting from non-compliance, residents are advised to contact a plumber to immediately correct any unauthorized connections.  If you have any questions regarding sanitary sewer connections, please contact Manasquan’s Construction & Code Department at (732) 223-0544 ext. 307 or by visiting the second floor of Borough Hall.

A Reminder to Residents regarding Street Openings:

Please be advised that Borough Ordinance 20-2.5 prohibits any street opening or excavation by a property owner abutting the improved street for a period of five (5) years from the date of completion of any road paving or improvement.   This applies to any road openings or excavations, including connections for water, sewer, gas or any other underground utility.  Residents  are required to “make all connections as well as any repairs thereto which would necessitate the excavation or disbursement of the street, within forty-five (45) days from the provision of such notice.”  Any waiver from this Ordinance must be submitted in writing and approved by the Municipal governing body.

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