Municipal Court

Municipal Court of Manasquan

The Manasquan Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all traffic matters that occur within the boundary of the Manasquan, as well as all disorderly person’s offenses and City ordinance violations. It has all the functions, powers, duties and jurisdictions conferred upon municipal courts by the provisions of N.J.S.A 2A:8-1.

The Manasquan Municipal Court Administrator is responsible for:
  • Carrying out the rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to the operation of the Court
  • Interviewing and speaking to prospective complainants, receiving complaints, & dispensing information relating to Court matters
  • Maintaining the financial records of the Court and entering them in the ATS/ACS
  • Arranging trial calendars
  • Signing Court documents
  • Preparing and issuing warrants with sufficiency and equity; and receiving and accounting for fines and costs

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Paul J. Capotorto Municipal Judge
Marie Higgins Court Administrator
Donald K. Greer, Jr. Public Defender
Ronald Sage Prosecutor