The Manasquan Police Department has received numerous complaints relating to people walking or running their dogs on the beaches and boardwalk in violation of the town’s ordinances. Borough Ordinance 5-3.1 states that no dogs are allowed on the beach, boardwalk or approaches from April 1st through October 31st. After October 31st leashed dogs are allowed east of the boardwalk. At no time throughout the year are dogs allowed on the boardwalk.

The town also has an ordinance that requires dog owners to clean up after their dogs. There is also an ordinance that requires any dog on a public street or a public place be securely confined and controlled by an adequate leash. Any violation of the dog ordinances requires a $150.00 fine for the first offense and a $300.00 fine for the second offense.

The police department would like the public to be aware and also abide by the ordinances that the Mayor and Council have adopted. Appropriate signage advising the public about the restrictions have been placed at each approach to the beach area. For the first two weeks of May, the police department reserves the right to issue warnings which will be followed up with strict enforcement. Our patrol officers will be routinely checking for violations but we will need the assistance of the public to report any violations they see. The phone number for the police department is 732-223-1000.

There are several alternative locations where dog owners can bring their dogs for exercise and walks when the Manasquan Beachfront isn’t an option. The Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area at Third Avenue/Riverside Drive in Manasquan opens at 7am and a portion of that beach is designated for dogs. There is a leash rule in effect at that location. The county also provides two locations for dogs to be off-leashed. The two parks are Thompson Park in Lincroft and the Wolf Hill Recreation Area in Oceanport. Both are open 7 days a week from 8am until dusk. For further information one can check the county website at www.monmouthcountyparks.com.