Vacant House Checks

The Manasquan Police Department is offering residents of Manasquan the opportunity to advise us when their house will be vacant. The resident can come to police headquarters and fill out the paperwork before they leave town, download and fill it in the link below, or fill out the online form application also linked below.

The questionnaire will ask how long the resident will be away, where the resident can be reached in case of an emergency, who to contact locally if there is a minor problem.

The questionnaire also asks who might have a key to the residence and who might be picking up your mail or taking care of your pets. Once a resident fills out the form it will be kept at police headquarters and stay there until you return to town. Our patrol officers will be advised to check on your house while you are away. If anyone is interested in this program you can pick up the form from the dispatcher at police headquarters.

If you have any questions about this program they can contact Manasquan Police Headquarters at (732) 223-1000 and ask for Chief Michael Bauer.