CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - First Avenue - Main Street to Whiting


First Avenue -  Main Street to Whiting Ave.

Attention:                     Property/Business Owners and Residents/Tenants
                                    First Avenue and Beachfront

Affected Area:             First Avenue/Beachfront Between Main Street and Whiting Avenue
                                    Brielle Road (east of 1st Avenue)

Project:                       Sidewalk, Curbing and Water/Sewer Improvements

When:                        Wednesday, September 13, 2023: Preliminary Activities Commence
                                  Monday, September 18, 2023: Construction Operations Commence 

Dear Homeowner/Business Owner/Resident:

The Borough of Manasquan, with the support of significant N.J. Department of Transportation grant funding, will undertake roadway, curb, and water/sewer infrastructure improvement activities as noted above. Black Rock Enterprises, LLC is the general contractor. Joe Raftery, Colliers Engineering is the project engineer.

Project Requirements:

1.    Parking Prohibited: No parking signs will be posted and door hangers will be utilized as the project
       progresses, notifying that parking where curbs and sidewalks are next to  be installed is prohibited.
       Please make sure you comply with this notice, as towing of cars by Manasquan Police Department
       will be utilized as a last resort.

2.    Private, Underground Infrastructure: Please clearly mark and notify the Borough Administrator
       immediately upon receipt of this notice of underground sprinklers, etc. installed in the Borough
       right-of-way near the concrete curb/sidewalk.

3.    Pavers/Decorative Concrete Sidewalks in Borough Right of Way: In order to complete the
       drainage improvement element of the project, private improvements (pavers, stamped concrete,
       etc.) made to the sidewalks in the Borough right-of-way may be disturbed. All efforts will be made
       to limit this disturbance.

4.    Road Closings/Detours/Driveway Access: The project may require periodic road closings and
       detours to thru-traffic as well as temporary blockage of ingress/egress to driveways.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please direct questions, comments, concerns to Thomas Flarity, Manasquan Borough  Administrator  at

Dated: September 11, 2023.