Certificate of Occupancy

  • Certificates of Occupancy will be issued within ten (10) working days.
  • Under no circumstances may any building be occupied or used until a Certificate of Occupancy / Approval is issued.
  • A penalty of $2,000 will be assessed!

Transfer Certificate of Occupancy

A Transfer Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained prior to the closing and title change of real estate property in the Borough of Manasquan. When making arrangements for obtaining a Transfer Permit, please consider the following process:

  1. Submit a completed application to the Code Enforcement Department, making certain that all requested information is provided along with the necessary fees.
  2. At the time of submission, make arrangements for an inspection appointment. A checklist for this inspection may be obtained through this office.
  3. Upon completion of the inspection you will be notified whether the property has been granted a Transfer Permit or whether violations have been cited.

If you should have any questions during this process, call the Code Enforcement Department at (732) 223-0544, ext. 307