Community Pass

Manasquan Beach Badge/Recreation Registration

Community Pass

In May,2019 the Manasquan Beach and Recreation Department implemented a new online platform which will be used for seasonal beach badge purchases and recreation program registration. As of April,2020 we have close to 8,000 accounts that have been created.

Community Pass is a cloud-based registration and payment software that enables streamlined administration and a convenient, secure experience to customers.  All information is secure and is saved from year to year, so you only need to fill out your individual information one time. 

We will continue to roll out additional recreation program registrations throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Please click below for Community Pass account set up instructions or to log into an existing account. Please call or email Manasquan Beach and Recreation Superintendent Erik Ertle at #732-223-0544 extension 452 or with any questions you may have.

For Instructions to set up an account for Community Pass please click here.

To login for community pass please click here.