Mayor and Council Approve a Pilot Program Extending Time Leashed Dogs are allowed on the Beach read more....


Sunday, October 1st marked the first day pet owners were permitted access to Manasquan Beach which is thirty-one days earlier than previous years. The resolution passed by Mayor and Council at their September 18th meeting allows pet owners to walk their leashed dogs along the entire beachfront excluding the beach walk from October 1st through April 15th. Prior to the date change pet owners were allowed access from October 31 through April 1st.

To ensure compliance with current borough ordinances, the Manasquan Police Department launched an information campaign to educate dog owners on the rules in regards to walking pets on the beach. An officer will be detailed to the beach each day for at least the first two weeks of October and will be documenting the names of individuals found in violation of the ordinance. Upon completion of the information campaign, Manasquan Police will continue to patrol the beachfront on a daily basis.

In addition, the Manasquan Beach Department will be updating each gate entrance with new signage that will state the following: “Dogs Allowed On Beach From October 1st Through April 15th/ Dogs Not Allowed on Walkway- Only To Cross/ Dogs Must Be Leashed/ You Must Clean Up After Your Dog.” The Manasquan Beach Department graciously accepted a donation of nine mutt mitt stations from the Manasquan Board Riders Club that will be placed adjacent to nine trash stations along the beach walkway and in close proximity to a beach entrance. The beach department is currently waiting for the signs and mutt mitt stations to be delivered.

On an unrelated beach matter, bathrooms up and down Manasquan Beach will remain open through this coming weekend before being closed however the bathrooms at Main Beach will be open year-round. To report a non- emergency beach related matter during the off -season please call #732-223-0544 extension 452. Emergent matters should be directed to Manasquan Police by calling #732-223-1000.

Prepared by:
Erik Ertle
Manasquan Beach and Recreation

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